Stay at Home with Our Domiciliary Care covering the Whitby Area

Those in need of around-the-clock care are often required to move out of their home and into a care facility. However, thanks to our domiciliary care services, our clients are able to stay in the comfort of their own home. At Exclusive Therapies Ltd, our care professionals cover all aspects of home care, from sit-in services and sleepovers to respite and personal care. Details of some of our services are provided below:

Meal Provision

A carer will call at the client’s home at meal times. They will prepare and cook a meal, or heat up and serve ready meals, or meals prepared by family members. Sandwiches can be made fresh from the client’s food supply, and hot drinks and soups can also be served. Exclusive Therapies Ltd can offer advice on how to ensure that a nutritious diet is sustained. We also offer a shopping service. Please contact us for more information.


If the client has a hospital appointment they need to attend, one of our carers can accompany them. They can assist with transferring the client from their transport into a wheelchair, take them to see the specialist, and handover any discussions to their family. Although transport would need to be provided by the hospital or paid for by the client, the carer can act on the behalf of their family members.

Respite Care

If you are a family carer, we know how time-consuming and restricting it can be. At Exclusive Therapies Ltd, we believe that all carers need a break, which is why we offer a respite package that enables family carers to take a well-deserved break. If you fancy having a week away or just a few days off, we can tailor a package of care that provides support while you are away. This option can be used over planned weeks of the year.

Overnight Stays

There are two options for overnight care. The first is a working night, which involves the carer being awake and tending to clients who require frequent care. The second option is for a sleep over. For this service, a bed would need to be provided, and the carer will be on call and attend to care needs. Usually, the carer is only woken once or twice during the night. The overnight shifts run between 10:00 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Personal Care

Personal care includes all hygiene needs such as bed bathing and assisting with taking a bath or shower or with toilet needs; offering support with hair care, shaving, or dental hygiene; assisting with dressing; and helping with the application of creams. This service can be offered up to four times a day depending on the demand of care.


All of our carers have received training in administering medication. They will assist by instilling eye drops, applying creams, or ensuring medications from a blister pack or dosette box are given at the correct time.


This service is available Monday to Friday and can last for any time between one and four hours, depending on the service required. Tasks such as hoovering, cleaning, changing beds, washing, ironing, and shopping can be carried out.

This list of services above is not exhaustive, and if you have any special requests that have not been detailed on this page, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.

Truly Tailored Services

At Exclusive Therapies Ltd, we provide any home care services that our clients need to be comfortable and happy in their home. From keeping them company and playing card games to taking them swimming and walking their dogs, our carers do it all. As part of this commitment, we provide an extensive travel allowance as part of our service, which means that clients always receive their full allotted time, and that the service is never shortened by the carer’s travel.

Prior to providing any service, we hold a consultation and assessment with the client and their family. During this time, we will discuss exactly what the client needs; build an individual, tailored package; and provision a quote.